Knowledge Centres

In partnership with other institutes, universities and the business sector, the SP Group runs and cooperates with a series of research centres. Research centres are important in creating strong research and innovation milieux. They are effective tools which allow urgent research to be tackled on a broad front. Collaboration allows sub-tasks to be divided between the players with the best resources and equipment.

VINN Excellence Centres


VINN Excellence Centre of Biomaterials and Cell Therapy.


Research program with world class competence within antenna system technologies.


The aim of Supermolecular Biomaterials Centre (SuMo Biomaterials) is to gain knowledge about bio materials and to be able to tailor the properties "on demand" when designing new materials.

Institute Excellence Centres


An Institute Excellence Centre hosted by YKI, the Institute for Surface Chemistry. CODIRECT aims at developing technology platforms for delivering and releasing desired substances to the place and at the time of choice.


Institute Excellense Centre for eco-efficient and durable wood-based materials and products.

EXSELENT on Porous Materials
The Berzelii Center EXSELENT on Porous Materials aims at combining high level research on micro- and mesoporous materials with developing specific applications.

SP's Research Platforms

SP Battery and Hybrid Systems

SP Battery and Hybrid Systems is a strong research area in the field of battery and hybridsystem. Working with industry and other research parties, we are developing the solutions of the future for safer and environmentally sustainable transport.

SP Biofuels

The SP Biofuels research platform brings together the SP Group's resources applicable to the production and use of renewable motor fuels.

SP Fuel Storage Safety

An international Center of Expertise for fire safety during storage and handling of solid, liquid and gaseous biofuels and recycling of waste material involving research, innovation and knowledge transfer.

SP Heat Pumping Technology

SP Heat Pumping Technology collects SP's resources and is a leading international research environment in the field of heat pumping technologies.


The work within the competence platform PERFORM aims to improve the performance of formulations for applications in a large number of areas which leads to sustainable products, reduced side effects and improved Health.

SP Pipe Centre

A meeting place for society, industry and academia where questions and problems concerning pipes and pipe systems are in focus.

SP Novel Designs at Sea

SP’s maritime knowledge centre initiates, coordinates and supports activities leading to an increased use of advanced lightweight materials and constructions.

SP Systems Analysis

The SP Systems Analysis platform brings together the systems analysis expertise of the entire SP Group.

SP Trämetri

SP Trämetri aims to develop measurements in the Wood Industry.

SP Tunnel

SP's research platform for underground constructions.

SP Wise measurements for Smart grids

World leading platform for quality-assured measurement technology in smart grids.

SP ZEB Zero Emission Buildings

The SP ZEB (Zero-Emission Buildings) platform is concentrated on energy-efficient buildings, both new-build and through renovation of existing buildings.

Other Knowledge Centres


CFI - Centre for Intercomparison. Nordic and Baltic centre for intercomparisons (proficiency testing).

HPC - Heat Pump Centre

SP Energy Technology is the operating agent for Heat Pump Centre (HPC), an international information centre, which promotes the development of heat pumping technologies.

Mistra Future Fashion

The purpose of the MISTRA Future Fashion Program is to deliver insights and solutions that will be used by the Swedish Fashion Industry and other stakeholders to significantly improve the environmental performance and strengthen their global competitiveness.


Research and innovation center for traffic safety.

SCC - Scandinavian Coatings Centre

Our centre has unique competences and top-of-the-line equipment. We offer contract research, technical evaluation, testing, investigations and product development within coatings, paint and other surface treatment.


Many of SP’s clients are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and we have extensive experience helping smaller enterprises with testing, technical evaluation and product development.

Temperature Centre at SP

SP gathers its temperature measurement and modelling resources and technical expertise in a single Temperature Centre.


The Swedish Fatigue Network - is a network of companies, research institutes and university departments working in the field of fatigue of materials.

Waste Refinery

Strategic network for optimum conversion of waste.

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