Information about full scale fire test of passenger seat according to EN 45545-2, Annex A and B

Full scale fire test on passenger seat. 

The full scale test is part of a greater test series for the evaluation of the fire properties of a passenger seat. In this test the focus lies in measuring the heat release from the seat during a fire.

Material for testing

3 complete seats, including any cup holders, folding tables, armrests, headrests, etc.
3 specimens of the cover fabric/interliner with the dimensions 500 mm x 750 mm.
3 specimens of the foam with the dimensions
450 mm x 300 mm x max 50 mm. 

Vandalising of seat

Prior to testing the seat shall be vandalised according to Annex A in EN 45545-2. This involves putting all the soft parts of the seat into a cutting machine, such as cover fabric, interliner, foam, etc. The cutting machine cuts with a specific amount of force and the damaged caused is then reproduced on to the seat that is being tested. Another way to do it is by fully vandalise the seat, as seen in the photo, to set up a worst case scenario.


The test procedure in brief

The seat is vandalised prior to testing according to the description above. If the seat does not come with a frame, a dummy frame is used to get the appropriate height of the seat. A gas driven ring burner with an effect of 7 kW is placed for 3 minutes on top of the seat close to the backrest. During the test the Peak heat release rate (RHR peak) and Maximum average rate of heat emission (MARHE) is calculated.











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