Energy and circular economy

The work of the department is concerned with research and technical evaluation in the fields of combustion technology, acoustics, building services systems, energy use in buildings and the indoor environment.

Care of the environment, coupled with the aim of achieving a sustainable energy system based on renewable resources, constantly increases the pressure for energy conservation, more efficient use of energy and awareness of the importance of the internal and external environments. This means that all parts of buildings and their services systems must operate efficiently in energy and environmental terms, as well as working well together to produce an acceptable whole. 

We assist in the design and evaluation of individual components and entire systems, working in the laboratory and in the field in such areas as efficiency, quality, the acoustic environment, safety, durability and environmental compatibility.

The department is divided into sections:

Efficient Use of Energy

RISE carries out research into, and assists development of, sustainable, efficient energy use in the built environment, industry and parts of the transport sector. Read more...


Emissions of environmentally harmful and health-hazardous substances to the air, to the ground and to water, are an undesired effect of many types of industrial activity. Our daily lives, too, result in the creation and spread of hazardous substances. At SP we have both expertise and technique to measure and prevent emissions from a wide ranfge of different sources.Read more...

Energy Conversion

RISE's working areas cover many different energy conversion processes in small-scale and large-scale systems. Read more...

Energy Distribution

RISE are involved in several areas associated with energy distribution. Examples include district heating, district cooling, distribution of electricity, gas, distribution of motor fuels and other piped energy distributions systems. Read more...

Recycling and Sustainable Materials

Efficient utilisation of waste and materials benefits not only companies through reduced costs for materials re-use and waste handling, but also the wider society at large through reduced environmental impact. Read more...
agricultural landscape

Sustainable use of resources

RISE utilises its technical skills and systems analysis tools and methods to contribute to more sustainable use of resources in fields such as energy, agriculture, foodstuffs, recycling and construction. Applying a systems science perspective, we deliver environmentally and financially viable sustainable solutions, from outline idea to realisation.Read more...
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The RISE institutes SP, Innventia and Swedish ICT have merged in order to become a stronger research and innovation partner for businesses and society.
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