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Ingång till SP i DanmarkSP Denmark is an accredited third party test laboratory within EMC, radio, climatic and mechanical testing.

In addition, we offer services in physical failure analysis, error tracing and repair of electronics. We have a modern well-equipped material science laboratory, complemented by analysis and repair facilities for electronic equipment.

Helping developers, manufacturers and suppliers of electronics

Most of our employees are specialists with many years of experience within electronics testing, materials and production. Our mission is to help developers, manufacturers and suppliers of electronics with the necessary basis for approvals as well as improving the reliability of their products.

Prototypes are unique and expensive

At RISE we are aware of the complexity and significance of getting even a single prototype up and running. We understand the importance and value of extracting as much information as possible from the prototype to obtain a high level of maturity in the final product.

Non-destructive evaluation followed by tests

We have experience in evaluating and testing prototypes – even when full functionality is not available.

Our strategies include non-destructive evaluation methods followed by carefully designed tests that generate valuable data about housing tightness, mechanical robustness and production quality at component and assembly levels.

Contact Person

Kennet Palm

Phone: +45 26 14 75 43

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EMC - Electromagnetic compatibility

Management of unintentional electronic noise is necessary in order to prevent interference between electronic equipment located in the same environment. We can provide EMC testing and measurement.Read more...

Production control

Advanced state-of-the-art facilities provide exceptional investigation capabilities for electrical and physical failure analysis. This can provide unique data for such applications as prototype evaluation, supplier inspection, evaluation etc.Read more...
High speed camera impact test

Mechanical tests

The environment is dangerous! Both consumer and industrial electronic devices will be exposed to intended and unintended mechanical effects during their lifetime.Read more...

3D Antenna Measurement System

By measuring the radiated transmit power at various locations surrounding a device we get a spatially distributed visual and measured 3D characterization of the antenna radiation performance.Read more...

Climatic tests

In today’s global markets for electronic devices, hardware must be able to withstand almost any climate. Testing under relevant simulated climate conditions enables the reliability of electronic devices to be assessed and improved right from the beginning.Read more...
Reliability testing of electronics

Reliability testing of electronics

It is inevitable that any electronic device will suffer mechanical effects during its lifetime. One way to test its reliability is to perform a guided drop in a free-fall drop tester. High-speed video provides a way of analysing what happens on impact.Read more...
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The RISE institutes SP, Innventia and Swedish ICT have merged in order to become a stronger research and innovation partner for businesses and society.
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