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An increasing world population and greater demands on environmental awareness call for high efficiency energy solutions with minimal carbon dioxide emission. Read more...

Information and Communications Technology, ICT

Several factors are forwarding development in the area of ICT, for example, that mobile phones are becoming the dominant means of communication.Read more...

Life Science

We are increasing in numbers and the average age is also increasing in many countries. This is raising the demand for everything from sustainable food production to the development of medicines and medical-technological aids.Read more...

Risk, Safety and Security

An increasingly high-tech and complex society entails an increase in vulnerability; there are ever more risks and they are ever more serious. Read more...

The Built Environment

One of the major challenges within the field of social structure is to use material and building technology that produces minimal CO2 during production, usage and recycling.Read more...


Globalisation. Demands on reduction in emissions and greater energy efficiency. The phasing out of fossil fuels and the introduction of renewable fuels. Safer, more comfortable transportation. Read more...

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