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Several factors are forwarding development in the area of ICT, for example, that mobile phones are becoming the dominant means of communication and that the increasing quantity of electronics in society is increasing the likelihood of disturbances.This in turn calls for improved telephone aerials and the EMC testing of electronic equipment before it is introduced to the market. The fact that society is becoming ever more dependent on electronic communication places demands on correct and robust time signalling. We have broad resources for testing and conducting research within communication technology, microwave technology, optronics, reliable systems and robust electronics.

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SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden consists of nine technical departments and the SP Group includes the following companies: AstaZero, CBI, Glafo, JTI, SMP, SPPD and SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden A/S.Read more...

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The SP Group runs and cooperates with a series of research centres.Read more...

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It will soon be possible to measure heat conductibility in thin material with the aid of a new instrument

An instrument which measures thermal properties of micrometer thin material will soon be a reality owing to a collaboration between Hot Disk AB and SP. Read more...

Monitoring of the earth's atmosphere for safer satellite measurements

A new web service which predicts atmospheric changes based on solar activity is the result of a project collaboration between SP, Chalmers and Lantmäteriet. The web service is extremely helpful for identifying problems with satellite measurements. Read more...

Anonymous and secure time stamping across optical fibre owing to a new invention

A new invention makes it possible to guarantee anonymity and security in time comparisons across optical fibre. Read more...

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