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We are increasing in numbers and the average age is also increasing in many countries. This is raising the demand for everything from sustainable food production to the development of medicines and medical-technological aids.We have broad – in some respects, world leading – competence in this field. We can provide unique knowledge on biomaterials, surface chemistry, packaging, agricultural engineering and food industry climate impact that is beneficial to pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of medical technology products and entities in the food production chain. We offer advanced resources within measurement technology, chemical analysis and the characterisation of all types of material.

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SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden consists of nine technical departments and the SP Group includes the following companies: AstaZero, CBI, Glafo, JTI, SMP, SPPD and SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden A/S.Read more...

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The SP Group runs and cooperates with a series of research centres.Read more...

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New knowledge results in tastier chocolate

Tillverkning av choklad med högre kvalitet och längre hållbarhet är nu möjligt tack vare EU-projektet ProPraline. Read more...

Salmon skin is an aid in medical care

Salmon skin may be a new alternative source for extracting high quality heparin with high traceability. Read more...

Long-lasting paint owing to small particles

By adding silica particles in paint to increase the hardness of the paint's surface, it becomes more resistant to contamination and biological growth.Read more...

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