In several of its working areas, SP possesses equipment that could hardly be found anywhere else. To pick a couple of very large examples, how about a world-class fire testing laboratory or a laboratory for measuring electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). We have unique facilities for testing and evaluating your products.

In all respects, our work is characterised by high competence, independence and impartiality.  Our working areas are wide, supported by substantial experimental resources of international class. Our test activities are based on rigorous experience acquired in accredited laboratories.

From development to end-of-life recycling

The assistance that we provide for our customers can cover all stages of work - from initial development and design to production, use and end-of-life recycling. It may be technical investigations, calculations, testing, measurement, quality assurance or certification. However, due to our strictly independent status in certain functions, such as our accreditations as a Notified Body, we may not be able to provide all these services in one and the same project or package.

Experts working closely together

SP is organised in eight technical units, covering everything from electronics and energy technology to fire, building construction and materials technology. Of a staff of about 900 graduate engineers and experts, over 200 are trained scientists, enabling us to put together comprehensive teams of experts to solve your problems. In addition, subsidiary companies with specialist knowledge and working areas of foodstuffs, surface chemistry, glass technology and concrete can also be brought in when needed.

Unbeatable experience

Since the start in the 1920s, we have carried out work for tens of thousands of clients, and built up an extensive fund of knowledge. We continue to work for thousands of clients every year, helping to develop and improve their products and systems through application of our equipment and wide range of subject areas.

Small and medium-sized companies in focus

Much of our work originates from small and medium-sized companies, which means that we are familiar with their special requirements. To ensure that they continue to receive excellent service, we have set up a special function, SP Small Companies, that enables us to find the right support for development etc. with a minimum of bureaucracy and short decision paths.

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