Globalisation. Demands on reduction in emissions and greater energy efficiency. The phasing out of fossil fuels and the introduction of renewable fuels. Safer, more comfortable transportation. There are many challenges surrounding transportation, and as the number of vehicles increases so do the challenges.The SP Group is a broad resource within transportation, and we are engaged by companies in the automotive, mechanical engineering and off-shore industries. We provide the answers to questions on everything from the weather resistance of paint surfaces to the effect of heavy loading on an anchor chain. We are also developing a unique traffic safety research facility, AstaZero.

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SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden consists of nine technical departments and the SP Group includes the following companies: AstaZero, CBI, Glafo, JTI, SMP, SPPD and SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden A/S.Read more...

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The SP Group runs and cooperates with a series of research centres.Read more...

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The RISE institutes SP, Innventia and Swedish ICT have merged in order to become a stronger research and innovation partner for businesses and society.
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