CFI - Center for Intercomparisons

Measurement comparisons provide a very effective means for laboratories to demonstrate that they deliver good, correct and quality-assured measurement results. CFI is a platform for measurement comparisons.
Quality-assured measurements

Calibration or test comparisons (ILCs or PTs) are one of the best ways of confirming the desired quality of a laboratory's services. In addition, it is a requirement for accredited laboratories that they should regularly participate in appropriate comparisons in order to assure their processes and procedures.

Comparisons can be used to ensure the performance of a laboratory and to identify areas where improvements are needed, as well as to provide experience for laboratory personnel. They are also used to determine the relationship between different laboratories.

Umbrella organisation

CFI is an umbrella organisation for a number of reference laboratories in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Most of them are national metrology institutes, which ensures a low uncertainty of measurement and a short chain of traceability. 

Platform for measurement comparisons

Working with other Nordic national standards laboratories, SP has developed a platform for measurement comparisons. This web page provides information on planned measurement comparisons arranged by the Nordic laboratory parties. You can sign up for participation in these comparisons directly via the web site.  


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