The work within the competence platform PERFORM aims to improve the performance of formulations for applications in a large number of areas which leads to sustainable products, reduced side effects and improved health.

As a result of many years of experience in consortia Projects within the formulation area, previous Institute Excellence Centres (CODIRECT - Controlled Delivery and Release Centre and SNAP - Natural product-based surfactants) and industrial contract work, SP drives a platform expertise in the formulation area.


Focus areas:

  • Powder Technology
  • Formulation of biologics
  • Controlled delivery and release
  • Emulsions and disperse systems


    • Identify research in formulation area and create an active network between academia, industry, and institutes.
    • Preparing applications for funding from the EU and national funding → ​​strengthen and broaden our expertise in strategic areas.
    • Establish new research assignments with new customers, increase their number and size of projects with existing customers.
    • Arrange conferences and symposia.
    • Monitor trends and participate with presentations at relevant conferences.
    • Supporting research in the focus areas.


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