Battery and hybrid systems, a research area with a battery test centre

Here you have the possibility of contacting an expert research area which, in conjunction with industry and other research partners, is developing future solutions for safer and more environmentally sustainable transports. We now also have Scandinavia's most extensive battery test centre at your disposal.
Research and innovation work develops and extends our expertise

This is where research and innovation work is undertaken in conjunction with industry, institutes of higher education and research centres, at both national and international level.

Over the period 2009–2016, thirty national and five EU projects have been completed, and these have all helped us develop and extend our expertise. The results are used in anything from battery chemistry, safety requirements, system issues, hybridisation solutions, operating cycle analyses and endurance aspects to method development.

These have involved everything from stationary battery applications, small construction machines, bikes, cars, trucks and boats to large off-road vehicles, such as excavators, dumpers and container lifters.

This is where you can access cutting-edge expertise in the following areas:
  • Hybrid systems 
  • Battery systems 
  • EMC 
  • Electrical safety 
  • Fire technology 
  • Environmental technology 
  • Risk analysis 
Scandinavia's most extensive battery test centre is now at your disposal

In March 2016, we incorporated the battery test facility that was previously managed at ETC Battery and FuelCells Sweden AB in Nol.

"The fact that we can now create more competitive battery test and research facilities is part of our strategy for giving Sweden greater competitive edge in the area. The facility complements our resources in hybrid technologies, which include operating cycle analyses, electric motor testing, EMC and fuel cells. We will now have more extensive expertise and a more competitive infrastructure to offer our customers," says Karin Davidsson, Research Manager of Battery and Hybrid Systems.

The battery test centre can help you with the following:
  • Cycling and performance testing of batteries
  • Endurance testing
  • Destructive testing
  • Fire resistance testing
  • Technical evaluations 
  • Impact testing
  • Mechanical tests (vibration, shock, drop tests, etc.)
  • Climate tests (thermal shock, temperature cycling and humidity)
  • Chemical tests (salt spray, gas corrosion, chemical resistance and sun simulation)
  • EMC testing
  • Nordic Ecolabelling
  • Consultancy and training


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