SP Battery and Hybrid Systems

SP Battery and Hybrid Systems is a strong research area in the field of battery and hybridsystem. Working with industry and other research parties, we are developing the solutions of the future for safer and environmentally sustainable transport.

Automotive manufacturers are under considerable and increasing pressure, from both customers and legislative decision-makers, to develop alternative and less more enviromentally benign drivelines. Expertise in battery and hybrid systems is becoming of more central importance in technical development by the automotive industry. SP is a strong and firmly established partner in the resulting development of components, systems and specifications etc. of such types of vehicles. 

In addition, it is not just the traditional automotive industry of cars, commercial vehicles, buses and contractors’ machinery that is increasingly using the technology. Electrically powered bicycles, mopeds, vehicles for the handicapped, and what are known as neighbourhood electric vehicles – slow electric vehicles – are also using battery and hybrid technology. Demand for efficient and safe battery systems in other sectors is also increasing. Examples of such applications include standby power supply systems, hand-held tools, domestic appliances and computers.  All of these applications have been included in SP’s work for some years now. 

SP – research at national and international levels

Joint research and innovation in these fields is already carried out with industry, universities, institutes of technology and development conglomerates, innovation clusters both nationally and internationally. SP is operating a number of research projects connected with battery and hybrid systems, and more are on the way. Specific working areas range from method development, safety requirements and new application areas, up to identification of areas where new technologies may be needed in the future.

SP possesses leading-edge expertise in the following working areas:
  • Hybrid systems 
  • Battery systems 
  • EMC 
  • Electrical safety
  • Fire technology 
  • Environmental technology 
  • Risk analysis

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