An Institute Excellence Centre with the aim to develop technology platforms for delivering and releasing desired substances to the place and at the time of choice.

The vision of CODIRECT is to become the leading innovator of novel controlled delivery technologies. It provides an interdisciplinary forum where industry, academia and institute join forces to tackle industrial problems. The Centre develops technology platforms in the area of Controlled Delivery and Release. CODIRECT has attracted industrial interest in a broad field of technologies and applications in the area of controlled delivery and release. Apart from the immediate results from the work performed in the Centre, this setup also lay a base for excellent possibilities of technology transfer between the participating industrial sectors. There are nine companies involved in CODIRECT, e.g. AkzoNobel, Kraft Foods, and Procter & Gamble.

The research is performed in collaboration with three academic partners, i.e. Surface and Corrosion Science Division of the Chemistry Department at KTH, the Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry at Stockholm University and the Department of Psychology at the Gösta Ekman Laboratory for sensory research at Stockholm University.

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