Mistra Future Fashion

The purpose of the MISTRA Future Fashion Program is to deliver insights and solutions that will be used by the Swedish Fashion Industry and other stakeholders to significantly improve the environmental performance and strengthen their global competitiveness.

The program consists of eight research projects, each aiming to generate new knowledge and recommendations that can be used by the Swedish fashion industry.

The program is organized so that it leverages the expertise and networks of leading Swedish and international research institutes and universities. It also aims to build up a national platform for research within sustainable fashion. Other stakeholders engaged in the program include governmental agencies, voluntary organizations, and companies within the whole textile value chain: forestry; pulping; textile manufacturing; recycling.

To ensure that each research project delivers insights and solutions that can benefit the fashion industry in the near future, the program involves representatives in business, government and civil society as both advisors and in certain cases active partners in the research.

Ultimately the program aims to create a dynamic and robust relationship between the research community and practitioners working in or with the Swedish Fashion industry, thus ensuring that Sweden and the Nordic region take the lead within sustainability research and practice related to the fashion industry.

MISTRA Future Fashion is generously funded by MISTRA, The Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research. www.mistra.org



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