Coatings testing

We perform most of the standard testing methods in the coating area upon request.

Here below you will find some examples of tests that we usually perform.

Coatings testing – Mechanical properties
  • Cleanability test (wet and dry abrasive) with back and forward going abrasive pad according to ISO 11998
  • Abrasion resistance of organic coatings by falling abrasive according to ASTM D 968-05
  • Abrasion with rotating whisks according to modified test of NT CONS 017 completed with a pancake test
  • Abrasion resistance of organic coatings by the Taber Abraser according to ASTM D 4060-90
  • Pull-off test for examine the weakness between layers and adhesion to the base material according to SS-EN ISO 4624
  • Adhesion according to cross-cut method SS-EN ISO 2409
  • Scratch adhesion method with a load according to ASTM D 2197
  • Scratch method with knife according to Volvo STD 1029,5473
  • Scratch resistance with loads upp to 200N according to SS EN-ISO 1518
  • Scratch resistance with load spiral force upp to 30 N according to Volvo STD 1024,3113
  • Determination of scratch resistance against pencils according to SS 18 41 87
  • Bend test (bending over a cylindrical mandril) according to SS-EN ISO 1519
  • Elasticity test with pushing force according to SS EN-ISO 1520
  • Falling weight test according to SS-EN ISO 6272
  • Impact test with a load spiral force according to DIN 51 155
Coatings testing – Physical properties
  • Determination of density according to ISO 2811-1
  • Determination of non-volatile matter content according to ISO 3251
  • Determination of spreading rate according to ISO 6504/1
  • Determination of contrast ratio according to ISO 6504/3
  • Determination of gloss according to ISO 2813
  • Determination of colour according ISO 7724/1
Chemical resistance
  • Liquid resistance according to ISO 2812-1
  • Immersion test in water according to ISO 2812-2
Film thickness measurement
  • Microscopic method according to SS EN-ISO 1463
  • Gravimetric method according to SS EN-ISO 1460
  • Film thickness according to SS 18 41 60
  • Amplitude-sensitive eddy current method according to SS-EN ISO 2360
  • Electro magnetic method according to SS-ISO 2178
Nonconductive protective tests
  • Discontinuity (Holyday) Testing according to ASTM D 5162-91

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