The Biofuels research platform brings together the our group's resources applicable to the production and use of renewable motor fuels. These gaseous and liquid fuels will be key components of the world’s future energy supply. Together with renewable electricity they form part of the means of achieving the EU climate target of 20 % renewable energy, and at least 10 % renewable motor fuels, by 2020.

Biofuels is a research platform supporting innovation within the production and use of liquid and gaseous biofuels. Research projects are carried out within seven competence areas (green circle), with some areas including broader work in the form of testing, inspection and development assignments.

In the biogas area, for instance, laboratory work on anaerobic digestion of different raw materials, optimization of the production process and development of measurement methodology for analysis of biogas quality are performed. 

Biofuels can be produced from gasification and we have equipment for studying the gasification process. We have specialized competence within small-scale gasification. Further, many of our projects relates to problems related to increase the electrical efficiency in a boiler at a heat and power plant.

We are also performing research on how to grow algae for the production of biofuels in Swedish weather conditions. The lipids in the algae can be extracted for biodiesel production, the carbohydrates for ethanol production, and parts of or whole algae cells can be used for biogas production. 

The switch to biofuels results in new challenges. Biofuels degrade faster than fossil fuels, and as a consequence they may cause problems relating to operation problems, impurities and corrosion. We work to resolve these problems and carries out applied research on these types of questions and also carries out work relating to the development of quality assurance methods for biofuels.

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