Tunnel and Underground Safety Centre (TUSC)

Our research platform for underground constructions (TUSC) has a unique competence in the area of fire, risk and safety. Togehter with our stakeholders we aim to make future tunnels and underground space safer.


We help companies, public authorities, emergency services and manufacturers of safety equipment to produce new knowledge in order to maintain a reasonable level of safety. For example, we want to provide tunnel builders with innovative and effective security and safety solutions, we want to give authorities knowledge and support contained in TUSC research platform for underground constructions. The aim is that TUSC becomes the world leader in the field. To achieve this, we intend to increase the number of assignments, research projects, theses, doctorial students and collaborations nationally and internationally. TUSC focus on:

• Performing small- and full scale testing
• Fire safety engineering
• Basic research and theory development
• course and conference activities


TUSC is financed by RISE, SKB, Trafikverket and FORTV. TUSC also receives funding from national and international research agencies. TUSC has the following yearly goal:

• Disseminate research to stakeholders, e.g. through reports, at conferences and workshops.
• Participate at meetings arranged by KCBU – Kompetenscentrum för brandsäkerhet i undermarksanläggningar.
• Publish at least 10 scientific publications.
• Contribute to innovative technology development ready for the market.
• Participate in at least two courses on the subject.
• Supervise thesis works and PhD students.


Through the years TUSC have for example been engaged within:

• TMU- Taktik och metodik i undermarksanläggningar, 2012-2014, Full-scale extinguishment experiments in underground spaces with rescue service.
• The Metro-project 2009-2012 aimed at security and safety of trains and subways underground.
• EU project iNTeg-Risk, 2008-2013, Early Recognition, Monitoring and Integrated Management of Emerging, New Technology Related Risks with a total budget of 19,3 million Euro)
• EU project UPTUN - Cost-effective, Sustainable and Innovative Upgrading Methods for Fire Safety in Existing Tunnels, 2002 - 2006.
• Full-scale lorry fire testing in the Runehamar-tunnel ion Norway with huge national and international interest in 2003.
• EU project FIT, European Thematic Network on Fire in Tunnels.
• EU project EUREKA EU 499: FIRETUN - Fires in Transport Tunnels, 1990-92, The Project led to the first International Conference on Fires in Tunnels in Borås 1994, thereafter named ISTSS. 



International conference on safety in tunnels.

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