Waste and recycling

The waste that we produce is a resource that tomorrow's society will not be able to throw away. There are already today many technologies and systems for dealing with waste and re-using it in various ways: using system analysis, we can do so more efficiently.Industrial, agricultural and domestic wastes can provide raw materials for such applications as the production of motor fuels and new materials, or for the production of heat and electricity.  SP researches, develops and evaluates technologies for making greater and better use of waste in producing such benefits.  Using system analysis models, we can describe how different types of waste can be refined or upgraded for the best environmental and economic benefit.  Through this powerful combination of technical and system analysis expertise, we contribute to more sustainable use of energy and resources. 

Waste Refinery - a Centre for optimum conversion of waste

Waste Refinery is a knowledge centre promoting safe and environmentally sound treatment of waste.Read more...
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Sustainable use of resources

SP utilises its technical skills and systems analysis tools and methods to contribute to more sustainable use of resources in fields such as energy, agriculture, foodstuffs, recycling and construction. Applying a systems science perspective, we deliver environmentally and financially viable sustainable solutions, from outline idea to realisation.Read more...
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