Systems Analysis

SpelsystemThe Systems Analysis platform brings together the systems analysis expertise of the our entire institute group. Within a systems science framework, we apply our extensive technical knowledge in new contexts in order to help achieve sustainable management of energy and resources.

The world faces challenges that demand substantial changes over a short period of time.  To choose the right strategic responses and to introduce the technical changes that will have the greatest effect on, say, energy use and environmental impact, often requires a systems science approach.  This applies for everything from process optimisation in industry to the formulation of legislation and policy measures. 

Our contribution

Our main working area is that of energy and environmental systems analysis.  Applications include world-leading research in fields such sustainable foodstuffs production and comprehensive expertise in energy-efficient design and construction of buildings.  Using system analysis models and methods such as LCA, GET, ORWARE, Pinch analyses and scenario analyses, we evaluate current and future technologies, products and systems from environmental and cost perspectives.  We provide knowledge and proposals for solutions, such as for politicians and public authorities in formulating policy measures, or for companies to help them to assess future markets. 
Systems analysis is also of value in assessing the potential for improvement of products and processes, for fulfilling legal requirements and ensuring conformity of environmentally approved products, or for employing environmental and energy efficiency arguments to assist marketing.

Main working areas

Systems Analysis is at present being set up, but is initially concentrating on the following working areas:

• Renewable fuels
• Use of energy in industry
• Foodstuffs and agriculture
• Energy-efficient buildings and sustainable societies
• Smart grids and renewable electricity production
• Waste and recycling / re-use of materials

We develop new knowledge in conjunction with working partners through research and development, as well as through participation in projects and commissioned work, both in Sweden and in other countries. 


Systems Analysis

Systems Analysis carries out research and development in the energy and environmental systems fields. Employing a systems science approach, we develop environmentally and financially viable solutions, from initial idea to implementation.Read more...

Life cycle assessment of food products

A life cycle assessment (LCA) shows how products and processes affect the environment, from raw material extraction until the product becomes waste or is recycled. Read more...

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