Smart grids and electricity production from renewable sources

The challenges that we face in the energy field mean that we must not only increase the proportion of renewable energy, but that we must also use it more efficiently. SP researches, develops and evaluates new technology for batteries, solar electricity and wind power, in addition to working on metering for storage, transmission and intermittency of future smart grids. The development of active, smart grids provides a means of meeting society's need for clean, renewable and locally generated electricity.  Construction of smart grids requires input at many levels, in areas such as technical development, political decisions and economic policy measures.  There is also a substantial need for communication and information to increase general understanding of what smart grids are.  Using system analysis models, we describe the potentials for, and obstacles in the way of, development of technologies for renewable electricity production and the establishment of future smart grids. 

Systems Analysis

SP Systems Analysis carries out research and development in the energy and environmental systems fields. Employing a systems science approach, we develop environmentally and financially viable solutions, from initial idea to implementation.Read more...

SP Wise measurements for Smart grids

This competence platform is a metrology framework to enable Smart Grids. Its outputs will be the metrology tools for Smart Grid designers and operators to facilitate the observability and controllability of the Smart Grid technology.Read more...

Measurement of Energy and the Environment

Research on high-quality measurements in the energy and environmental sectors Read more...

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