SP Temperature Centre

SP gathers its temperature measurement and modelling resources and technical expertise in a single Temperature Centre.

The aim of SP’s Temperature Centre is to offer our customers a complete solution concerning technical issues when heat and temperature are the driving parameters.

The behaviour of many materials, components and structures are strongly dependent on the temperature, e.g. mechanical properties, thermal properties, moisture transfer properties and chemical and physical durability. The temperature sensitivity of these properties depends on a number of other parameters including, e.g. the absolute temperature level.

Furthermore, new materials and new combination of material are under continuous development and the thermal behaviour of such new materials and products should be characterised.

The collective expertise at SP’s Temperature Centre provides a unique opportunity for analysing the interdisciplinary, multi-functional thermal behaviour of material and components.    

The objectives of The Centre are to be involved in and contribute to the development of existing and new measurement methods, and computer simulations in order to fulfil market demands.

The Centre is already involved in many thermal related measurement, development and research projects.

Examples of fields of competence represented in The Centre include:
- Measurement of thermal properties (conductivity, diffusivity, specific heat, expansion)   for a wide range of material at -80 – 700 ºC
- Temperature measurement techniques in solids, gases, liquids
- Numerical and experimental evaluation of structural integrity under different conditions
- Numerical analysis of heat evolution and thermal characteristics
- Numerical analysis of combined heat, mass transfer and solid and fluid mechanics 
- Calculation of energy consumption


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