Wise measurements for Smart grids

This competence platform is a metrology framework to enable Smart Grids. Its outputs will be the metrology tools for Smart Grid designers and operators to facilitate the observability and controllability of the Smart Grid technology; A smart grid is never smarter than the quality of it’s measurements.
Conventional centrally managed grid systems

Environmental issues and diminishing energy supplies are challenging the traditional model of electricity generation and distribution. These conventional centrally managed grid systems, incorporating large fossil fuel plants, must undergo radial change in order to assure security of supply and reduce green house gas emissions. Future electrical energy supply will be characterized by multiple small-scale schemes integrating non-conventional generation.

Smart Grids are the enablers for this future vision of the clean, renewable, local generated energy, which is required to meet society’s energy challenges.

Conventional centralized grids can be thought of as passive one-way bulk energy systems whereas the Smart Grid systems are active systems consisting of multiple bi-directional energy clients. These distributed systems are highly complex, difficult to optimize and vulnerable to instability. This leads to a paradigm shift in the instrumentation and control requirements for Smart Grids, such that stable high quality electricity supply can be assured.

Sensing – a key issue for the Smart Grid

Smart grids – Sensing, embedded processing and digital communications to enable the electricity grid to be:

  • observable (able to measure the states of all grid elements)
  • controllable (able to affect the state of any grid element)
  • automated (able to adapt and self-heal)
  • fully integrated (fully interoperable with existing systems and have the capacity to incorporate a diversity of energy sources)

Measurement of Energy and the Environment

Research on high-quality measurements in the energy and environmental sectors Read more...

EURAMET and European metrology research programme (EMRP)

Increased demand for metrological services has led to the cooperation EURAMET.Read more...
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