The effects of behaviour and use patterns on energy use

If we are to reduce energy use in society to the greatest extent possible, we need to expand our view and complement technical development with investigation of the effect of end-user’s needs and behaviour.

SP is already running projects investigating the energy-related behaviour of domestic users, customers’ impressions of energy efficiency improvement measures in grocery shops, and heat pump owners’ experience of their heating systems. 
Other very interesting and important working areas cover the interaction between energy-saving solutions and end users, visualisation of energy use in order to encourage energy-saving behaviour, and occupiers’ input in building projects.

End-Users’ Perceptions and Behaviours Regarding Energy Issues

We need to broaden the perspective and complement technology development with studies of needs and behaviours of end-users in order to decrease energy use further more. Read more...

Energy use in residential buildings - influence of residents

The project focus on the residents’ energy related behaviours. Read more...

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