Quality-assured building processes and building management and maintenance

Quality assurance of construction work, civil engineering processes and property management and maintenance requires relevant skills and expertise in quality management systems and building methods. Our research institute has developed quality assurance systems for new build processes, renovation and property management and maintenance.

We collaborate with materials manufacturers and system suppliers to develop and evaluate technical solutions for new building and renovation work, of which an example is presented by P-marked façade systems. 

We have developed and refined a system for P-marking indoor environment conditions and energy use, which can be applied to new and to existing buildings, whether at the construction stage or in connection with renovation.  It has been employed, for example, in connection with new building of schools, child day-care centres and care homes in Borås, and for renovation of properties from the 1960s and 1970s in Brogården in Alingsås.

We are involved in a number of research projects (ByggaF, ByggaE and ByggaL) intended to develop methods for quality assurance of the construction process to ensure protection against moisture, low energy use, and high airtightness respectively. The methods are based on application of a number of procedures that must be carried out as part of the design and construction process in order to ensure that buildings meet high standards in respect of resistance to moisture, energy efficiency and airtightness. The systems provide a number of checklists and guides to assist those involved in the work.

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