Reducing environmental impact and increasing the life of materials

The very much stricter requirements for energy efficiency in new and existing built environments that are now being introduced throughout Europe will concentrate attention on the choices of building materials and systems in terms of their environmental aspects. From previously having been regarded as being of only limited importance in a life-cycle perspective, materials and construction processes are now being seen as responsible for as much energy use as that of the entire service life of the building.

Extensive research is being performed within the SP group into such areas as better energy efficiency in new and existing built environments and moisture-resistant construction with timber. Our subsidiary company, CBI Betongforskningsinstitut, is developing new methods and technologies to increase the thermal storage capacity of concrete while reducing the environmental impact of cement and concrete manufacture.  Bringing together the Group’s wide range of theoretical and practical expertise as a building sector research institute puts us in an ideal position to investigate and develop the best material combinations and system designs for minimum environmental impact and maximum building quality.


EcoBuild is a research program focused on the development of innovative, eco-efficient and durable wood-based materials and products for building and furniture applications.Read more...

CBI Swedish Cement and Concrete Research Institute

CBI, a subsidiary company in the SP group, creates and brings into practice knowledge within the fields of concrete, aggregate, cement and natural stone.Read more...

Wood Technology

SP Wood Technology, from forest raw materials, via various forms of processing to finished products in the form of furniture and building elements.Read more...

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