Measurement in Information and Communication Technologies

A priority is to meet the needs of traceable measurement technology in the growth area of Information and Communication Technologies, ICT. The starting point is SP's strong research environment in measurement technology and metrology, electrical, opto-electronics, and time / frequency.
Increased information

In the quest for greater information capacity, increased speed and upper limit frequencies for both electronic as photonic components and systems within IT / Telecom field.

New measurement and characterization methods

Developments driving new technology, including new methods for characterization of the fast circuits, antennas, and accurate determination of optical phase error in advanced communication systems.

Signal stability in optical transmission

The project offers an opportunity to build our skills in the stability of optical transmission of signals.Read more...

Research within the positioning

We have developed a new system for the determination of position, velocity and acceleration based on sensor-fusion technology. Read more...

Development of measurement techniques in the microwave

Contactless measurement of S-parameters and power.

Dynamic measurement

Dynamic measurements are ubiquitous in virtually all modern technological applications.Read more...

Research in communications technology and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)

RISE has long experience of research in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and carries out advanced research and development within communications technology. This research is carried out in the context of our competence in simulation methods and measurement technology.Read more...
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