Advanced Materials and Construction Technology

In the field of advanced materials and construction technologies, we offer services that are supported by active research. The goal is to work towards an energy-and resource efficient use of construction materials through fundamental understanding of the material structure governing its microscopic properties.


SP has a strong expertise on a wide range of materials such as; rock, concrete, wood, polymer, elastomer and metal. In our work with advanced experimental methods for the analysis of how material properties depend on structural parameters of both
micro, meso and macro scale, we see synergies through our broad materials expertise.

For modeling, we use multi-scale analysis and modeling to enable a better description of the properties of complex materials.

Below are examples of methods that we use to study how the different material properties can be measured and correlated to structural parameters of materials.  

  • ARAMIS™- Non-contact deformation measurement of structures or micro-structural level to determine which parts of the design or the phases of deformation.
  • Acoustic emission - Measurement of acoustic emission allows the determination of the cracking and flotation behavior of materials (and other failure mechanisms in materials).
  • Microscopy (light microscopy and electron microscopy) - for determining the structural parameters of materials.
  • Quantitative microscopy - For statistically significant micro-structural parameters.
  • Digital image analysis. 
  • Extensive resources for various types of mechanical materials and component testing.

International mission

SP is engaged in International Society for Rock Mechanics sub group "Commission on Rock Spalling".


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