Algae cultivation for biofuel production

SP Technical Research Institute study how microscopic algae are growing in the Swedish climate.

We need to reduce carbon emissions and increase renewable fuels. Cultivation of microalgae for biofuel purposes has a major advantage compared to the cultivation of rapeseed, maize and other crops. Algae can be grown on unproductive land and do not compete with food production. They grow quickly, effectively absorb carbon dioxide from industrial emissions, purify water from phosphorus and nitrogen and form the feedstock for biodiesel and biogas and other products. That way you can get an industrial cycle with great potential.

In the laboratory algae are grown in bottles, also in artificial sunlight. Algae are also grown in a greenhouse. The aim is to use waste heat for heating the plantations with the goal for industry to produce large amounts of algae biofuel.

The research is a part of the competence platform SP Biofuels with focus on production and use of liquid and gaseous fuels. Projects are conducted and planned in collaboration with universities and industry.

We work along the whole algae-to-biofuelschain:

  • Algae cultivation in flue gas
  • Cheap algae culturing techniques in bioreactors
  • Chemical analyses of biomass contents
  • Methods development for harvesting and lipids extraction
  • Quality and degradation of biofuels including biodiesel and biogas
  • Sensor technology to maximize large scale biomass production
  • Degradation of materials in vehicles due to use of biofuels
  • Energy and systems analyses

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