Fire in buildings

The research area fire safety in buildings is driven a lot by the EU harmonisation and fire engineering. The EU harmonisation for building materials and construction is already well developed but for certain areas such as cables, facades and roofs, there is still need for prenormative research

At the same time there is need for dissemination of information towards industry and society. Research is also needed with respect to fire behaviour of new concrete mixtures and other innovative materials. Stakeholders are industry, especially the building industry. Others are society such as governmental bodies, e.g. The National Board of Housing, Building and Planning (Boverket), National Railway Adminstration (Banverket), National Road Administration (Vägverket) and the Swedish Rescue Agency (SRV).

Important Areas of activities

  • Research which support European Harmonisation such
  • Fire Behaviour of building materials such as wall and ceiling linings, cables, textiles, insulation materials, innovative materials e.g. nanocomposites.
  • Fire Behaviour of building content such as furniture, curtains.
  • Fire Resistance of constructions.
  • Fire Resistance of construction elements such as doors.
  • Spalling of concrete during fires.
  • Design fires as part of fire performance based approaches.
  • Tunnels, se separate research area

Projects within this area

  • Fire Detection – Modelling and experiments
  • Spalling of concrete
  • CBUF – Fire Behaviour of furniture
  • FIPEC – Fire Testing of cables
  • SAFIR – Use of FTIR for measurement in fires
  • SBI-method
  • Spalling of self compacting concrete
  • Fire safety in buildings
  • Textile project FLEXIFUNBAR
  • Textile project Contex-T
  • Simulation models
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