CEDES aims at research, evaluation and demonstration of cost efficient fault handling and fault tolerance in safety critical electronic systems in road vehicles. The project concentrates on techniques and methods to achieve a desired safety level with software mechanisms and minimal hardware redundancy.

The project contributes to the fulfilment of the goals of IVSS: 

Transport policy objectives

One way to reach Vision Zero is to introduce active safety systems in all new road vehicles. A necessary condition is that the cost of such systems will be substantially lowered and that is the main goal of CEDES.

Developmental objectives

CEDES aims at new economically and technically competitive mechanisms, development processes and tools for development of fault tolerant active safety systems. The market for such systems is expected to grow dramatically, which will lead to a strong expansion at supplier level with new job opportunities in both existing and new companies.

Commercial objectives

Swedish automotive industry continuously depends on competitive and commercially attractive products for a global market. Future electronic systems in road vehicles will require very high reliability and fault tolerance. The Swedish brands have a long tradition in safety thinking and will be in the forefront in introducing new active electronic safety systems. Requirements on very high reliability must be fulfilled, as safety is a fundamental value in Swedish automotive industry. Cost efficient technology and cost efficient methodology are necessary for a continued strong competitiveness.


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