The CEMAC II project

In order to facilitate the timely and orderly introduction of CE Marking of cables for their reaction to fire performance under the CPD (Construction Products Directive), European cable manufactures working through Europacable have agreed to fully fund a large project, CEMAC II CE-Marking of Cables, which brings together cable manufacturers, research laboratories, test laboratories and research establishments.

The specific objective of the project is to create a technical background for extended application for reaction to fire testing and classification of cables in order to support the implementation of CE-marking of cables. 

The project work is split between Europacable and an RTD (Research, Technology and Development) group led by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.  SP have a wide experience of testing cables to the FIPEC (Fire Performance of Electric Cables) protocols required by the Commission Decision and were heavily involved in the development of the Classes of reaction-to-fire performance for electric cables on behalf of the Commission.  Other members of the RTD group are ISSeP of Belgium who have previous cable testing experience as part of the FIPEC “Fire Performance of Electric Cables – new test methods and measurement techniques” project, Interscience Communications who also have previous experience as part of the FIPEC project, LSF of Italy who have completed previous projects on cable testing and VDE of Germany who are a respected test house with the necessary equipment to carry out cable tests in accordance with the Commission Decision.  It is strongly believed that this team have the necessary resources and experience to successfully complete the project.  The project commenced in 2007 and is planned to complete in late 2008.

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