Centre for materials and construction techniques - a testbed for constructions

SP's Center for materials and construction technology turns to companies in the manufacturing industry in a number of business. At the facility, companies can evaluate the mechanical properties of materials, components and systems. In addition to the classic questions (how long are they? When they go broke? How does they break?) SP can help to show how products work under operating conditions. It is done through measurement and visualization using optical methods to show how a product is in operation, or by acoustic measurement of mechanical changes in structures under load.

The previous low our main effort in the latter part of the product development phase in connection with approval of products for the market. Now we are using throughout the innovation cycle, from concept, research, and development phase to the operational phase when the product is used.

A unique ability is to be able to test very large loads, up to 20 meganewton, making it possible to perform load testing on large structures, such as bridge bearing, boat and offshore structures.

The customers come here and build up their constructions, much like an adult-mekano. Then we enter the loads both spatially and temporally, and measures how the construction works in the operating environment.

SP carries out assignments for many different industries, including the building construction industry, the transport sector and in the field of security (personal protective equipment and protection in vehicles). A new growing area is renewable electricity production in the marina area, such as wave energy and marine wind power. SP also perform field testing.

SP's Center for materials and construction techniques in Borås have built up gradually and got a clear orientation towards research and innovation around 2008.

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