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Market Implementation of Extraordinary Biomass Pellets – MixBioPells  

Development of future competitive local heating (<20 MWth) with guaranteed fuel quality and high availability, efficiency and environmental performance   


Market Implementation of Extraordinary Biomass Pellets – MixBioPells

SP takes part in a project within Intelligent Energy – Europe (IEE) together with partners from Germany, Austria, Finland, Denmark, Spain and Italy. 

Objectives with the project is to increase information about pellets produced from other raw material than wood saw dust, for example residues from agriculture.

Expected results are increased accessible information and information exchange about and between raw material suppliers, pellet producers, boiler manufacturers and other actors on the market. A handbook will be written, a database will be available on the Internet. Best practice examples will be communicated. The awareness of potentials for pellet production will be
increased for society. Concepts of labeling systems will be proposed.


Marie Rönnbäck, phone +46-010-5165505
Financing: IEE – Intelligent Europe


Development of future competitive local heating (<20 MWth) with guaranteed fuel quality and high availability, efficiency and environmental performance

The project aims to propose a coordinated "R&D-package" in the field of small-scale combustion and processing of biofuels/residues that are implemented in the period 2011-2014. Previous research in this area has been focused on "supporting" the energy industry at the user level, ie, identify problems and propose measures for example when new fuels were introduced. An alternative route is to coordinate R & D activities with industry by implementing the experience and skills already in the development of new systems and new, designed, fuels.

The project includes:
- Inventory of major players in Sweden (equipment manufacturers and users, fuel producers) and by a discussion with them to identify and make concrete the critical factors for the technology segment to meet the vision of the theme report "Fuel-based energy system"
- Identify key barriers and development needs
- Identify boundaries to other ongoing and planned R & D activities
- Introducing a powerful constellation of high scientific breadth, good research facilities and established industry contacts for future aggregate R & D efforts in the programming period 2011-2014

Marie Rönnbäck, Phone +46-010-5165505
Financing: Swedish Energy Agency

Timetable: March-december, 2010

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