Research in communications technology and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)

RISE has long experience of research in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and carries out advanced research and development within communications technology. This research is carried out in the context of our competence in simulation methods and measurement technology.
High-level and in some cases unique competences and resources:
  • Laboratory resources for characterisation of wireless communication systems
  • Tools for electromagnetic simulations of systems and components
  • National Metrology Centre for high-frequency electromagnetic fields
  • Expertise in electromagnetic field theory and wireless communication

We are currently carrying out a great deal of vehicle-related research, including vehicle communication, active safety and intelligent transport systems, EMC for electric and hybrid vehicles, and problems with interference relating to wireless vehicle communication.

Antenna systems

We have particular competence in antenna systems and methods for developing and analysing antenna systems. This work mostly takes place in close cooperation with industry, with finance from bodies such as VINNOVA.

Research collaboration with academia

Through our collaborations with various universities and colleges we have developed a good research network. An example is our collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology, where we are part of the CHASE VINN Excellence Center.

New and expanded research areas

Last year we started a project on indoor mobile telephone coverage in energy-efficient buildings. We are also preparing research projects connected to the Internet of Things. Planning is under way to start research for 5G (the fifth generation of wireless systems).

National Metrology Centre

We will strengthening the National Metrology Centre by, for example, by developing new calibration methods.

Development of new testing methods

Our research group is a resource for SP's testing operation and participates regularly in the development of new test methods.


The Electromagnetic Compatibility Section possesses extensive knowledge of research and testing in EMC, communications technology and high-frequency technology. Read more...

RISE is designated as National Metrology Centre

RISE is designated as National metrology centre by the Swedish Government. As National Laboratory we have the best resources and the best competence in our country. Read more...


Reliable measurement results can be assured by regular calibration of your measuring instruments by us. Read more...
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