Light-emitting diodes: the next-generation light source

On behalf of the Swedish Energy Agency, RISE is running a three-year project to evaluate technical solutions and investigate various development paths for LEDs.
Ban on incandescent lamps

Several countries have already banned the sale of incandescent lamps, in line with the EU's 2008 decision that these energy thieves should be eliminated from Europe. 

Looking for replacements

At present, the main replacement is low-energy lamps, which work on the same principle as fluorescent tubes, although more efficient designs of halogen lamps are also being developed.  A further alternative is the use of white LEDs, the performance and efficiency of which are steadily improving as a result of advances in semiconductor technology. 

RISE project includes investigation and development of:

Spectral distribution, colour temperature, colour reproduction index, applied measurement methods.

  • Stability, short- and long-term testing, with regular monitoring of properties such as spectral content and light distribution. 
  • Methods of accelerated long-term testing, with variation of operating hours, thermal testing and/or electrical interference.
  • Life cycle analysis, investigating components in respect of sustainability, re-use, economic life and environmental impact.
  • Effects on, and effects of, the quality of mains supplies and interference, such as phase distortion, harmonics, component stability.  
  • Health aspects:  the best spectral distribution for user comfort;  effects on, and/or radiation damage to, the eyes, skin and brain.
Project partners

The project is being carried out in conjunction with associated projects from the same financing sources that are being performed by Jönköping University and Luleå University of Technology.  In addition, a number of lighting companies have been invited to contribute with specialised knowledge, products for performance measurement, and views on the progress of the project. 

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