In the area of dynamics, we are working to evaluate the dynamic properties of constructions. We carry out field measurements, vibration tests and calculations. The aim would be to verify a design mechanical strength, identify a vibration environment to see if the electrical equipment to be deployed in this will work or through indirect measurement of dynamic properties of other characteristics of a structure, such as built-in forces.

SP has equipment and expertise to

  • perform field measurements and analyze measurement results with regard to the lifespan of structures and equipment. Examples of such analysis is to propose time-rushed service life tests.
  • conduct vibration tests. We have both electrodynamic vibrators for traditional vibration and shock tests on servo-hydraulic vibration table for simulating earthquakes and vehicle vibration.
  • perform dynamic calculations on the structures

Examples of completed projects


Field measurement of vibrations in a bow door arm to investigate if there is a risk of fatigue.






FE calculation of earthquake durability of a large battery stand. As input to the FE model used the results from tests of small battery stands. 




Calculation of shock process in a container. Upper image shows results from a real sample and the lower result from a calculation.

The full-scale attempt to look for it through the measurement of the wavelength of a propagating bending wave in railway rails is possible to estimate the axial forces in the rail. If possible method would be used to estimate the risk for heat distortion.











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