Industries and research organisations from European countries are coming together in an EU project aimed at bringing down the price of electric vehicles and reducing environmental impact. The object of the work is jointly to develop the next generation of safe, high-performance lithium batteries for use in light commercial vehicles, cars and heavy vehicles.

Accelerating the development of these batteries will boost the market for electric vehicles through such ways as by lower prices.

– In addition, they will reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, with their associated climate effects, says Karin Davidsson, Manager Battery and Hybrid vehicle System at RISE (before SP).

The work involves industrialisation of the production of a 5 V cathode material, an anode material and an electrolyte, aiming to develop a battery energy density of at least 270 Wh/kg, at a cost of not more than EUR 200/kWh.

The project, under the name of eCAIMAN (Electrolyte, Cathode and Anode Improvements for Market-near Next-generation Lithium-Ion Batteries), and with a budget of over SEK 53 million, will run until 2019.

Project members

AIT, Austria; ARKEMA, France; CEA, France; CERTH, Greece; CIDETEC, Spain; CRF, Italy; EUTEMA, Austria; IMERYS, Switzerland; Lithops, Italy; Piaggio, Italy; POLITIO, Italy; RISE; Thinkstep, Austria; AB Volvo, Sweden

Battery and hybrid systems, a research area with a battery test centre

RISE Battery and Hybrid Systems is a strong research area in the field of battery and hybridsystem. Working with industry and other research parties, we are developing the solutions of the future for safer and environmentally sustainable transport. Read more...

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