BIOSOL - Integrated systems for biomass and solar heating

The goal is to increase installations of integrated pellet- and solar heating systems on the Swedish heating market. By developing new systems for pellet and solar heating that are tested, the market should be stimulated.
Heat storage tank

Within the project the market for combined solar and pellet heating systems should be analyzed and suitable system concept should be identified. In cooperation with the companies Systems and test methods should be developed. Systems should be evaluated by laboratory measurements and field measurements. The experiences should be put together in a handbook and a proposal for a testing method and possible scheme rules for biomass and solar heating systems.


The project is financed by Energimyndigheten (Swedish Energy Agency) and participating companies and is a part of the program “Small-scale heating distribution with biomass” performed by Swedish Energy Agency.

Time schedule

The project started in September 2007 and is planned to continue until end of 2010.

Project partners

Integrerade system för bio- och solvärme är ett samarbetsprojekt mellan Chalmers, SP och Högskolan Dalarna samt sol- och pelletsbranschen. Drygt 20 svenska företag deltar i projektet.


Provningsmetod för integrerade sol-biosystem - Årsverkningsgrad genom korttidsmätning, SP Rapport 2011:52, Ulrik Pettersson (SP), Mathias Johansson (SP), Henrik Persson (SP), Marie Rönnbäck (SP), Tomas Persson (Högskolan Dalarna) och Jan-Olof Dalenbäck (Chalmers), 2011

Marknadspotential för bio- och solvärmesystem (Market potential for biomass and solar heating systems) Version 2008:1 – May 2008 (in Swedish only), Niklasson, F., Persson, Tomas., Swedish Energy Agency, Eskilstuna, 2008.

Kombinerade bio- och solvärmesystem: Handbok för systemutformning (Integrated biomass and solar heating systems: Handbook in system design) Version 2008:2 (in Swedish only), Persson, Tomas., SERC Högskolan Dalarna, Borlänge, 2008.

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