Future Wood-framed Houses - Energy efficient with good indoor environment

One primary goal of this project is to support the wood building industry to in the adaptation to the new demands in the Swedish Building Code (BBR) on energy consumption. The new law will require the use of new combinations of systems for heating and ventilation, in addition to changes in the building components themselves. It is essential that these modification do not lead to an increase in moisture problems or problems with the indoor environment.

The method for this project involves coordinating competent actors amongst various disciplines from around the country in order to understand ‘the big picture’ in regard to wood frame houses in Sweden from an energy perspective, a moisture perspective and indoor environment perspective. This will be done with participating companies with the purpose of developing calculation tools for heat, moisture, energy and checklists. These will be tested on at least four real project where one is a multi-family dwelling and three are single-family houses. These examples shall be examples of energy efficient construction combined with a good indoor environment that meets the new requirements of the BBR.



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