Milparena - Renovation of older housing areas

The Milparena project (Milparena = Miljonprogramsarena) builds on a close cooperation between Built Environment - Chalmers Energy Centre and SP Energy Technology with a large number of researchers and experts in different fields (architecture, technologies, innovation, economy, etc.) in connection to energy efficiency.

The apartments that were built between 1965 – 1975 in the so called “miljonprogrammet” consume a lot of energy. Many of the houses built in this program is in need of a renovation today and it is an important challenge for the construction business that in the same time make the apartments more energy efficient. The Milparena project is based on a number of ongoing renovation projects (pilot projects) carried out by housing companies in West Sweden (> 2 000 flats, > 200 000 m2 BOA) where a number of researchers introduce their expertise at the same time as they evaluate different aspects of the projects. Knowledge transfer between the pilot projects and project participants is carried out in regular theme seminars that deal with general aspects of energy efficiency with focus on quality assurance in all project phases. The seminars are attended by the researchers involved in, as well as the project managers from, the different pilot projects. The objective is to identify innovative building designs and services that can result in considerable reduced energy use and can be applied within five years.

SP will, among other things, work with documentation and development in the field of e.g. supplementary  isolation, renovation of windows, air leakage, heat recovery, heating systems and hot water. The goal is to find solution that practically can be applied in the construction business.

The expected result is project specific, as well as general, building designs and services that result in considerably reduced energy use (10 – 50 kWh/a.m2; >2–10 GWh/a) and can be applied within five years. The results will be disseminated in cooperation with Västra Götalandsregionen and Bygga Bo dialogen.


CERBOF, Housing corporations

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Project partners

Chalmers University of Technology
Housing corporations: Alingsåshem, Bostadsbolaget, Bostads AB Poseidon, Egnahemsbolaget, Familjebostäder, Gårdstensbostäder

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