SPF - Calculation methods for heat pump systems for comparison, system choise and dimensioning

The existing calculation tools for design and comparison need to be further developed to show the potential with new technology such as capacity controlled systems and more efficient system for combined operation with space heating and domestic hot water production.

The overall aim is to develop existing tools for future needs. The outcome from the calculation tools should be useable for calculation of environmental impact. The purpose is to compare existing tools for calculation of seasonal performance factor and annual energy savings in order to propose needs for further development. For validation of the calculation tools existing data from laboratory and field measurements will be used.

Two different programs

There is a need for two different types of computation programs for heat pump systems. There is a need for both a more detailed program used for dimensioning of the heat pump system as well as a more transparent calculation method that can be used for comparison and quality assurance of the heat pump system.

The basic principle is that a more easy transparent program should be used for the initial choice of heat pumping system. This program can also be used for national and international comparisons. The more detailed program for dimensioning should be used when the heat pumping system should be installed in a house or real estate so that the dimensioning of the system becomes correct.

Development of existing programs

There is a need to further develop the already existing calculation programs so that they make visible the differences between different types of system solutions. The program should help the consumers to know what type of heat pumps system and mark to choose.

Both the transparent and the more detailed program should as output data give a seasonal performance factor and a yearly energy saving, the output data should be able to be used as input data for calculations of CO2-reduction that is a factor that is anticipated to be demanded by the final customer, decision makers and manufacturers.

A functioning dimensioning program is important for the future growth and acceptance the heat pumping technology. Future growth requires satisfied customers that get well functioning systems. Also in concern of the environment it is important that the customers choose the right heat pump.


Swedish Energy Agency

Time schedule

2008.07 - 2010.06

Project partners
SP, Royal Institute of Technology

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