Certified Energy Consultant Grocery stores

Members of the BELIVS Innovation cluster have long been requesting a certification for energy consultants that work with grocery stores. The reason for this is to increase the share of grocery stores with low energy use, safe operation and small environmental impact.

The feasibility study will result in a requirement specification for Energy consultants for grocery stores, describing competence requirements to be included in an examination, e.g. requirements of relevant education and professional experience.

We will also show what a certification exam could look like and perform test certifications.

Förväntade resultat

Kravspecifikationen och det andra som tas fram ska kunna användas som underlag för att ta fram ett färdigt certifieringsprogram för energikonsult för livsmedelsbutiker.


The Swedish Energy Agency, INCERT, and ICA Fastigheter

Time schedule

1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017

Project partners

SP, INCERT, ICA Fastigheter, and BELIVS

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Phone 010-516 50 00, E-mail info@ri.se

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