A method of moment program for the analysis of wire structures. The wire structure can be placed in free space or over an infinite perfectly conducting ground plane. Wires can also be connected to the ground plane.

The program computes the current in the wires in the frequency domain due to either voltages sources on the wires or an incident plane wave. Also the near field, far field and S-parameters can be computed. Impedance elements that serve as models for discrete components (R, L and C) can be placed at arbitrary positions along the wires. Several tools are available for creating and modifying complex wire structures, e.g. tools for creating sphere, box, cylinder etc.

Computed results can be visualised directly in the program, radiation pattern can be plotted as a colour coded 3D-plot. The program is based on the EFIE (Electric Field Integral Equation) formulated in the frequency domain.


This version of the program doesn’t have a help file and no additional documentation is available yet. However, when the program is installed two example files are included. When an example file is opened (use File – Open project… in the main menu) some helpful comments can be found on the Notes-page (use the F5 button). Also the laboratory experiment document written by Ilja Belov at University of Jönköping can be of help.   

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