Research in robust electronics

RISE Electronics conducts research and development in the field of robust electronics. In conjunction with its work on research into electromagnetism and dependable systems, we can provide a seamless service for testing the behaviour and life of products under such conditions.

The main thrust of R&D work in this field is to investigate the relationship between the behaviour of a product at various stages of its development and its compliance with requirements as found by final verification.

Using methods that channel development work towards delivering a product that meets specified requirements minimises the risks along the path to market introduction.  The product developer needs to be able to work and aim for a closer and more easily overviewed horizon, rather than towards some distance and diffuse final test that may perhaps also not even be clearly defined.

Examples of such projects include:
  • Proactive breakdown of requirements in the system 
  • Calibration of dynamic properties in FEM models 
  • Test methods, accelerated testing etc.  
  • Processes to ensure the correct environmental resistance
Environmental durability test

Environmental durability

The Environmental Durability Section performs tests and evaluations of systems, equipment, apparatus and components in respect of their climatic and mechanical environmental resistance.Read more...

Environmental durability

RISE offers a wide spectrum of services within the environmental durability field. Read more...

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