ETANKFIRE Seminars and Workshops

The fire protection and suppression issues that are addressed in ETANKFIRE are similar for all companies handling and storing large volumes of ethanol and ethanol-blended fuels, therefore this project is best suited for international participation.

In order to present the project plan in detail and receive feedback from various stakeholders, the project has been presented at a number of seminars and conferences. Two ETANKFIRE workshops has also been arranged where stakeholders have been invited. One was held in June 2011 in London and one in November 2011 in Kansas City.

These workshops have given interested stakeholders an important opportunity to express their ethanol tank fire protection and suppression needs and to ensure that their perspective (e.g as an ethanol producer, supplier of fire protection systems, fire fighting organisation, storage facility for ethanol fuels, regulatory organisations, etc…) is included. Considering the magnitude of investment in storage tank fire protection infrastructure, and the public relations fallout if a tank fire occurs, the ETANKFIRE project is a means by which to leverage this investment in an intelligent, timely manner.

Based on the discussions and feedback from these events, the next step will be to establish the  detailed rules for participation as a funding member, in order to provide the possibility for all those stakeholders that have expressed their interest to participate in the project. As soon as the required number of partners has signed in, the first phase of the project will be launched. The detailed planning will then be made in close cooperation with a Steering Committee where all funding partners will be members.

Pdf copies of presentations and video clips given at the workshop in London or Kansas City.


Invitations to Workshops and external Seminars

Workshop June 28th, 2011, London, UK

Workshop November 1st, Kansas City, USA

LASTFIRE programme 20th April, France

CTIF-meeting in Bergen, Norway, 15-16 September, 2011

6th International Conference for fire brigade in the high Hazard Industry, Budapest,
25-26 October 2011



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Presentations given at the ETANKFIRE workshops


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