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2011-2014 Building Energy Efficiency for Massive market UPtake 

BEEM-UP is intended to demonstrate the economic, social and technological possibilities that can be used in the renovation of apartment buildings in order to drastically reduce the energy use. BEEM-UP shall also work for a massive market up take of these technological possibilities so that the energy use in buildings can be decreased in the whole of Europe.


Three social housing areas participate in BEEM-UP; the areas are situated in Sweden, France and the Netherlands. Innovative solutions will be used in these areas to reduce energy use for heating by 75%. In addition, measures will be taken to reduce the use of hot water and lightning. All actions taken must also ensure a comfortable and healthy indoor environment. The ambitious goals will be demonstrated with the solutions that are most attractive from an economic perspective, thus laying the foundation for a market penetration.


Together homeowners, industry, designers and experts will work with the social housing areas to develop more efficient solutions that are also adapted to the tenants' needs. When all these groups work together the result will be much better than if the various professional groups would work in isolation. The concepts that can be applied to future restoration projects will be identified. Extensive measurements will be done to demonstrate the energy savings resulting in renovations, the measurements will continue for at least two years after the renovations have been completed. The technical measurements will be complemented by studies of social aspects, focusing on the tenants' acceptance of change. The idea is also to get tenants involved in the renovation.


The Swedish housing area is called Brogården and is a social housing area in Alingsås. The renovation of Brogården will be implemented in several steps, in close cooperation with Skanska.


The biggest challenge is to make energy efficiency in existing buildings to an obvious choice for renovation. BEEM-UP will be more than a demonstration project and the project will therefore develop a development plan based on green values. The plan will be actively spread in Europe and create a strong demand for energy efficiency measures among homeowners and will make BEEM UP into a model for future renovations. Before 2020, all renovation projects in Europe aim for ambitious energy savings: not because it is "mandatory and good" but because it is the most attractive option.

Project partners



Alingsåshem AB



Dura Vermeer Group


ETH Zürich

ICF Novedis


Instituto tecnologico de Aragon


Universiteit Maastricht


Technische Universiteit Delft




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