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2009-2012 FutureBio Tec - Future low emission biomass combustion systems.

Small-scale burning of wood and coal are, in addition to traffic and industry, one of the major sources of hazardous particles in the air. FutureBioTec, Future low emission biomass combustion systems, contributes to the development of future technologies for combustion of biomass with low emissions. The project deals with small plants, from stoves and boilers in houses to district heating boilers (up to 20 MW). The focus is on effective measures for reduction of particulate emissions.


SP has two main roles in the project. We work in close collaboration with Umeå University and Luleå University of Technology, to study how the elements which form particles, such as potassium, are released from the fuel during combustion. In particular, the possibility of preventing the release of particulate precursors by adding additives is examined. SP's second role in the project is to work with other partners to examine the status of re particle precipitation devices for residential biomass combustion. A survey on the present state in Europe is  produced, research and testing needs are identified, and finally testing of equipment is performed.


The work consists of the following workpackages:

  • Reduction of PM, CO, OGC and NOx emissions from wood stoves by primary measures
  • Reduction of PM, and NOx emissions from automated boilers by primary measures
  • PM emission reduction by secondary measures - evaluation of existing particle precipitation technologies
  • Development of a specially designed condensing heat exchanger for simultaneous heat recovery and efficient particle precipitation
Project partners

BIOENERGY 2020+ GmbH and Graz University of Technology, Austria (coordinator)
University of Eastern Finland, Finland
Technology and Support Centre of Renewable Raw Materials –TFZ, Germany
Institute of Power Engineering -IEn, Poland
Teagasc, Ireland
Umeå University, Sweden
Luleå Technical University, Sweden
SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Sweden
Warma-Uunit Ltd, Finland (Industry part)
Applied Plasma Physics AS, Norway (Industry part)
Exhausto CDT A/S, Denmark (Industry part)


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