EURAMET and European metrology research programme (EMRP)

Increased demand for metrological services has led to the cooperation EURAMET, which includes a specific European research programme in metrology.
Increased demands for measurement

The National Metrology Institute in Sweden faces, just like the rest of Europe, significantly increased demands for its measurement services from industry and society. Higher standards for accuracy are sought as well as new ways of assuring the quality of measurements. Measurements are becoming increasingly complex and engaging new technologies, such as biotechnology and nanotechnology. Against this background, a specific European research programme in metrology (EMRP) developed by EURAMET and the European Commission has been recently established.

New research programme (EMPIR)

AgainstA major, new European programme for metrological research & innovation (EMPIR) is planned from 2014 as part of EU Commission’s Horizon 2020 initiative.
Participate and influence the new programme by answering the EMPIR Public Consultation, see link to the right. The General Public is encouraged to participate – closes 23rd December!


The first stage of this programme was granted funding by the EU Commission for a five year period starting in 2008 under a so-called ERA-NET + initiative in the Seventh Framework Programme. The volume of research for this part is 63 M € of which 21 M € is EU funding, earmarked for five different areas of research in metrology.

Article 169 EMRP

The second stage of implementation of EMRP programme is being implemented by EURAMET on behalf of the European Community as an Article 169-based programme for a new seven-year period starting 2010 as one of the largest and most ambitious research initiatives in metrology in Europe, with a research volume of 400 million euros of which 200 million euros is EU funding under the Seventh Framework Programme.


  • Metrology for Energy and the Environment
    - Subject Call – Open 31st January 2013 – 17th March 2013
    - Project Call – Open 17th June 2013 - 1st October 2013 

  • Metrologi in Industry and Environment, SI and Open Excellence

    - Subject Call – Open 2nd February 2012 - 18th March 2012
    - Project Call – Open 18th June 2012 - 1st October 2012

Scope for Industry  
SI Broader Scope
Scope for Open Excellence 

  • Metrology in Health, New Technologies and SI
    - Subject Call – Open 4 February 2011 - 20 March 2011
    - Project Call – Open 20 June 2011 - 03 October 2011

        Call Scope of TP Health, 2011
        Call Scope of TP New Technologies, 2011
        Call Scope of TP SI Broader Scope, 2011



  • Metrology in energy
    - Subject Call - Open 15th May 2009 – 28th June 28, 2009
    - Project Call - Open 2nd September 2009 – 2nd November 2009 
    Call Scope 2009
    Call text Energy 

The purpose of these calls is to promote measurement science & technology in their respective fields through the funding of joint research projects (JRPs) and research grants.

Projects (JRP) will be implemented primarily by the national metrology institutes (NMI) and designated institutes(DI), which are part of the formal national metrology systems in the countries participating in the EMRP. Where appropriate, other stakeholders - such as universities and industry – can participate in projects (without EU funding). A limited number of researcher grants are also available to a wider scientific community.


EURAMET is the association of national metrology institutes (NMI) from 33 European member states plus four associate members.
High-quality measurements are part of modern society's technological infrastructure. It provides essential support for sustained growth and innovation in several sectors and industries.
EURAMET coordinates cooperation in Europe in areas like research in metrology; traceability of measurements to SI units; international recognition of national traceability and of calibration and measurement capabilities; and metrology knowledge exchange.

SP is chair of EURAMET

Leslie Pendrill from SP’s Metrology Division and the Swedish NMI is from April 2009 and three years Chairperson of the European Association EURAMET.

Wise measurements for Smart grids

This competence platform is a metrology framework to enable Smart Grids. Its outputs will be the metrology tools for Smart Grid designers and operators to facilitate the observability and controllability of the Smart Grid technology.Read more...

Feed water flow and thermal power

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