Textile Architecture – Textile Structures and Buildings of the Future

Contex-T aims at transforming the traditional resource-drive textile industry into a knowledgebased, sustainable and competitive industry by creating breakthrough innovation in a high tech area in technical textiles for construction. Following a holistic approach, this project aims at developing a breakthrough in textile architecture, lightweight textile reinforced structures and tension fabric structures industry.

The three main objectives of Contex-T are

(1) the development of new lightweight building using textile structure with a lifetime up to 60 years which meet the highest requirements on noise reduction, acoustic absorption, thermal insulation, light transmission and reflection, …

(2) the development of safety, healthy and economic buildings offering comfort and a safe shelter for its inhabitants and 

(3) easy & fast erection of customized structures and buildings.

The Contex-T project was started in September 2006 and will end in 2010. The project consortium includes 30 partners from all over Europe. Centexbel, the Belgian textile institute, is project coordinator. The role of SP Fire Technology is as expert in reaction to fire testing and fire engineering.

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